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Comments by Parents and Students 

Thank you so much for sharing your love of nature with Michael!  You have been a wonderful teacher and mentor.  He so much enjoys your classes and truly enjoys nature and science.

-Bacich Elementary School parent

My son is so stimulated by your class. Thank you for all

you do to stimulate his curiosity.

-  Brookside Elementary School Parent


Wendy - Thank you so much for all that you do for our kids!! Mrs. Peck gave out the (Junior Bird Watcher) certificates at their last assembly today and the kids were all SO proud!

 -Bacich Parent


Your hikes are wonderful and your knowledge of all things beautiful is awesome. I had such a good time

doing the hikes and meeting so many nice people. I look forward to meandering with you again.

-  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

 My 3rd and 4th graders have taken Nature Detectives with Wendy Dreskin at Bacich from 1st grade on. The class imparts a true love for and knowledge about nature. My sons have learned so much, and seen so much in their 3 to 4 years of taking this class. We LOVE this class!

-Bacich parent


 My 4th grade son has been taking Nature Detectives with Wendy for several years. My first grade daughter has also taken her class. Wendy is a treasure. I count our time with her among the most important in my children's educations. The information that she teaches is extraordinary. Even more important is that she truly instills in the children a love and appreciation of nature, encourages their curiosity, challenges them, and provides a wonderful, positive atmosphere of learning and exploration.

- Bacich parent


I wanted to say how wonderful we think you are for all the very important work you do.  We and the children in our classes are so lucky to have such a knowledgeable teacher to introduce us to the wonders around us.  I would have liked to have shown you what one of my students wrote about his first grade achievement – and this is a student who struggles in school.

"When I storted first grade I dident know How that Duckbytlls Igzisted? now I do!"  (When I started first grade, I didn't know dock beetles existed, now I do!)  And I certainly didn't teach him that!

-Dixie School first grade teacher writing about a field trip for the three first grade classes


My wife and I much enjoyed hiking with you and the group.  You are a wonderful teacher both seizing the moment and building in expectation.  We appreciated the wealth of detail that you so comfortably gave along the way.

- College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student


Thank you for a wonderful few weeks of hiking and learning.  Your

deep knowledge and constant enthusiasm for all things wild inspire

your students.   You are an exceptional teacher.

-   Summer session College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student


We so enjoyed your butterfly walk last Sunday!  We both agreed you are a excellent teacher who puts a lot into the programs you do with prep and experience.  Thank you!

- Couple in Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival butterfly class

Thanks for a wonderful class. It was excellent in every way: level of information, teaching aids, location, group involvement, etc. etc. You did a great job!

- Student in Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival butterfly class

I just have to tell you how grateful we are for your time and your incredible patience.

- Mom of special needs private student

Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to David.  It's wonderful to see him light up on a hike as he conveys to us anything he knows about various plants, birds, insects, etc.   He has become a mentor to the rest of us.

-       Kent Middle School parent

Lucas absolutely loves you and your class.

Last week, Lucas was felling pretty tired before class. When I asked him if he was o.k. to go to class with you he said "Are you kidding Mom? I look forward to going birding with Wendy all makes my week. I wish the class was everyday!" thank you Wendy, you are just the person he needs in his life.

Have a great Halloween...Lucas told me he would have given up Halloween for your class, so that tells you something coming from a 9-year old!

- Novato Charter School parent


My son would like to sign up again.  It is his "favorite class he has ever taken"!  ;)

He wanted to me add...  "He loved it more than anything from the first moment he stepped into the class".  ;)

-Bacich parent

I want to tell you how much your class means to Brian. It is the highlight of his week. He is a precocious kid and this class gives him the opportunity to dig deep and pursue a true passion in a supportive environment.  Thank you!

-The Cove parent

Thank you for introducing to me so many beautiful trails and sights that surround us! That is exactly why I joined your class.

College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

Thanks for all the great guided hiking with the Meanders all year long, it is truly enjoyable and most appreciated!

-College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student


Jonathan has absolutely loved nature class. The classes you teach are a gem! We feel so fortunate that Jonathan had that experience.

 - St. Rita School parents


I am so grateful to have had you as my nature teacher when I was young. I will always remember walking on the hill behind Saint Rita's with you :)

-  Adult looking back on class she took as a first and second grader


What a great group and thanks so much for everything you’ve done to make those hikes interesting, informative and energetic.

-  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student


Ben loves your class!  I heard all about the caterpillars and the plant that doesn't share and the Jays.  Thank you for these updates!

- Mark Day School parent

Thank you Wendy for all you do.  Your passion, wisdom and love for nature is a true inspiration to these kids.

- Parent of home school student

Wendy's knowledge is mind blowing. Thanks for a great hike AND recapping all that we saw. That was a great help! I learned so much! 

WildCare docent writing about docent training walk

We are gearing up to send Simone off to college!  I can’t quite believe it.  You will love this—she was on a hike yesterday with 3 friends and ended up sharing, what she considered to be, very basic information about common plants they came across.   One of her friends asked how she knew so much about native flora saying she sounded like a Native American.  She explained that she took nature classes afterschool, and obviously some of the knowledge you imparted stuck!

-White Hill Middle School parent

I wanted to share how enthused David was after last Friday's class.  He has been using different binoculars throughout the week, and he's been so keen on sharing information with me.  If I've said it once, I've said it a million times ..... you are such an inspiration to David, and these kids.  We are all so lucky that you have embraced each of them.  Thank you!

     Kent Middle School  parent

You have given me so much knowledge of nature and enabled me to see and enjoy amazing and beautiful places in Marin.

 You are an inspirational teacher and leader.

I thank you for all the joy you have brought to my life as well as new knowledge and comradeship.

--  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

I also wanted to say thank you for nurturing Angus's love of the natural world. It's something we really enjoy in our family and it's so fun to have him teach us!!

-Mark Day School parent

It is wonderful to be able to hike with you all year long. I have learned so much about our lovely flora and fauna that live so near us. Your talents are a gift to us all.

-  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

Thank you for being such an enthusiastic and inspiring leader.  Your hike is the highlight of my week. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people in these classes. Thank you also for sharing your extensive knowledge with us.

-  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

Thank you again for everything you have given our kids over the last 4 years.  Isabella has been shaped into a true nature lover.  What a gift to be able to spend time with friends, outside, learning and appreciating the world we live in.

- Bacich School parent

You just opened my eyes, literally, that day, to butterflies.  They’re still so difficult for me to see but I’m making progress!  Practice, practice, practice.

-Point Reyes Field Seminar student

I have been a participant in Meandering in Marin for the past 3 years, joining right after I retired and moved to Marin County. It is truly the highlight of my week, and Wendy is one of the most charismatic and brilliant educators that I have ever met.

-  College of Marin "Meandering in Marin" student

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