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Ongoing Classes for Children








January 8, 15, 22, 29

February 5, 12, 19, 26 

March 4, 11, 18, 25

April 1




            1 st GRADE  12:15-2:15


TUITION FOR K (2.25 hours/class)  $527


TUITION FOR 1 st GRADE (2 hours/class) $468


Nature Detectives

K-1 class meets on Wednesdays. K students start at 12 and 1st graders at 12:15. Students eat lunch during class. Class ends at 2:15.

We are fortunate to have 4th graders who have taken the class for 4 years assisting this year!


     Join Wendy Dreskin and a great group of native detectives for explorations around Bacich School.  This class follows the seasons.  Children will have the best experience doing it for the full school year, or multiple years. A group of third graders who started in K just completed 4 years with the program!

     In the fall acorns will the ripening on the Valley Oak, Black Oak and Coast Live Oak tree near campus.  Pygmy blues, our smallest butterfly with a 3/4" wingspan will be flying in the wetland looking for Goosefoot to lay eggs on. Golden-Crowned Sparrows will return from breeding in Canada and Alaska to winter in Marin. Fall finds usually include Cross Spiders,  European Mantids, a variety of galls, millipedes, centipedes and early mushrooms.

     January we'll be looking at California Slender Salamanders, slugs, snails, mushrooms with wonderful names like Witch's Butter, Jack-o-Lanterns, and Dead Man's Foot, and other winter delights. Ducks and water birds wintering in the wetland include Black-Necked Stilts, Greater Yellowlegs, Green-winged Teal, American Coots, and American Avocets. We see the first Suncups and California Buttercups by mid-February! In February we'll also be finding Dock Beetles and their bright yellow eggs as well as later mushrooms.

     In March we'll start finding three species of Ladybird Beetles, spiders with egg cases, early butterflies, and dragonflies.  In April, native wildflowers like Purple Sanicle and Lupine will bloom. We'll see Crane Flies (the kids will learn they are NOT Mosquito Eaters), Ladybird Beetle larvae and pupae, Harvestmen (which the kids will learn are NOT spiders), and Snake Flies. By May we'll see butterflies like the Anise Swallowtails, Common Checkered Skippers, Acmon Blues, and Western Tiger Swallowtails.

     Year round we can see Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Black Phoebes, Mourning Doves, Red-Shouldered Hawks, Killdeer, Anna's Hummingbirds, and other birds.

     Children will have the opportunity to become Junior Botanists and receive a beautiful certificate with artwork by local artist Kristin Jakob. On rainy days we walk to a local house where we'll be busy with nature games, stories and art projects.


For a schedule and more information, email Wendy.

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